Leveling Up by Walking – 21

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The Dinner Is Seafood

In the inn room, of course there was a bed provided there.

But my flying-in-the-sky bed was way better than it.

That’s why I asked the inn manager to remove the bed in the room, and put my bed in through the balcony instead.

Perhaps they thought us as strange customers, but bedding was a very important matter.

I won’t give any compromise on it.

“Tetsuya-san. Let’s go to the inn’s restaurant. The dinner menu is seafood! Seems like they even have tender shrimp there!”

“I want to eat crab.”

Even though they ate that much during lunch, Aria and Mimily say that they want to eat shrimp or crab.

Geez, they sure are lacking of modesty as girls.

By the way I want to eat sea urchin!

“Okay, let’s go to the restaurant. Both of you, board onto the bed!”

“Tetsuya-san, let’s go there by walking…..”

Aria floats a tired face.

“Eh~, today we have played too much so I feel like I don’t want to move right now….”

“Tetsuya-san! I want to have a perfect positive image about you, so please stop saying something like that!”

I get scolded.

I’m sad.


“Ah, please don’t cry, Tetsuya-san. I’m sorry, I’ve gone too far. There, there.”

Aria hugs me, wrap my face with her boobs, and then caress my head.

Really an angle-like girl.

I love her very much!

“…I thought I’ve considerably got used by it, but as expected I can’t bear with this one.”

Seems like the fox eared girl is looking at me in disdain, but the me right now; who get wrapped by Aria’s boobs; am invincible.

It doesn’t affect me at all.

“But, isn’t it impossible for the bed to exit the room through the door, Tetsuya-san? What would you do then?”

“I just need exit the room through the balcony, and then enter the restaurant through the inn entrance, right?”

“I see, seems like you even have thought about the route to reach there, huh. To seriously devoting yourself to idleness that far, in a sense is amazing!”

That is a compliment, right?

Even if it’s actually a sarcasm, let’s just take it as a compliment!

“Well then, let’s get going. Come on, board onto the bed too, Mimily-san.”

“…it can’t be helped, I’ll go along with you.”

Getting urged by Aria to get onto the bed, even while floating a reluctant face, Mimily still go along with us.

Either of them is a lovely girl.

For meeting them, I can say that it’s worthwhile to come to this world.

And then, exiting the room aboard the flying bed through the balcony, we enter the inn again through the entrance, and then precede through the hallway.

When I think about it calmly, it’s indeed an embarrassing act, but there should be no problem since currently there’s no other costumer around.

“So here is the restaurant, huh.”

When we arrive there, rather than a restaurant, it has an image closer into that one of a dining hall.

Although, since here’s a cheap inn, so I can’t call it as luxurious.

That means it’s reserved-… or so I thought, but there’s a costumer other than us.

It’s the royal knight, Rosetta-san.

“Hmm? What, so you guys also stay at this inn, huh. Well, the other inns are currently out of business, so that’s a matter of course, right?”

Rosetta-san is sitting alone at a round table while eating a steamed shrimp.

A lobster-like big shrimp.

As expected of coastal village.

But, because of the giant squid, there should be no fisherman who went sailing.

Was it taken a time ago and then kept in a cold storage?

Or perhaps they procured it from somewhere else?

Well, as long as it’s delicious, those things don’t really matter, though.

“However… that bed, it sure is an amazing magic item to be able to fly midair, but I think it’s a bit too much to board it inside the inn, though.”

I get Rosetta-san astounded.


“There, there.”

I get encouraged by Aria!

My life has fully restored!

“Shrimp… looks delicious.”

Looking at Rosetta-san’s shrimp, Mimily is gulping down her saliva while some of it is drooling out.

That’s improper, you know?!

“You can just order for the same dish, right?”

“That’s a good opinion.”

Mimily nods her head, jumps off the bed, and then sits at the same table as Rosetta-san.

“Ah, Mimily, you shouldn’t just arbitrarily sit at a table that’s already in use by someone, you know?”

“I don’t mind it. The more the merrier, after all.”

“Is that so? Then, Tetsuya-san, let’s accept her offer and sit together with her.”

“Okay, let’s do that.”

Getting along with someone you met along your journey is also one of beautiful scenes of life.

At a normal journey, there is a problem that you may get tired. But I have this flying bed.

A bedding that would let me travel while lying down. No, it’s a sacred item!

If I can spread that thought around the world, I’m sure my life would be a worthwhile one.

“Tetsuya-san, how long are you going to stay atop the bed?”

Aria who takes a seat first is looking at me while inclining her head.

“Wait, I’m currently calculating the most optimal way that would let me get into that seat with the fewest steps needed.”

“…that, on the contrary, isn’t that way more tiresome?!”

“I also just thought so.”

Giving up, I normally walk to the seat.


[You have reached Level 808]

[You have learned levitation skill]


What, levitation it says?!

I smell a great advancement on my idleness path!

Let’s try it later!

But, wait.

Long ago, I heard from Aria that ‘even if one devotes his whole lifetime, it’s still uncertain whether he’d be able to reaches level 100 or not’.

But, I’ve reached eight times of it.

This strength, what should I do with it?

Or rather, since there’s no formidable enemy, so I don’t feel like I really have got any stronger.

Well, leisure life is also a good one, though.

“Employee-san, one shrimp the same as this one, please.”

Mimily immediately calls for the waiter, and orders while pointing at Rosetta-san’s dish.

“Then, crab for me!”

“You guys sure are fast to decide your orders. What should I pick, I wonder?”

I want to eat sea urchin, but right now is the fifth month.

It’s out of season.

Let’s stylishly decide it.

“I’ll go with octopus garlic carpaccio, and salmon marinade, please.”

“Tetsuya-san, you ordered some cool-sounded dishes, didn’t you? Following your example, please add one shiromizakana lemon cream into my order!”

“I only want to eat shrimp.”

Aria shows her high consciousness trait.

Where Mimily is devoted to her desire.

“You guys sure are lively. But, no matter how lively you are, I really can’t praise you for playing in the sea. Please refrain yourself tomorrow, it was bad for my heart.”

Rosetta-san seriously says so.

Could it be, she was always watching over us?

As I thought, she’s a nice person.

“Tetsuya-san, tomorrow, without entering the sea, let’s play at the sandy beach.”

Feeling Rosetta-san’s kindness, Aria suggests so.

Even without entering the sea, there are still plenty fun things we could do, like playing on the sand or playing beach volleyball.

Also taking a nap.

For Rosetta-san’s sake, let’s do our best to go idle tomorrow.

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