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The Drunken Aria

“By the way, I think I haven’t heard your name yet, though.”

Rosetta-san says so while drinking her red wine.

Indeed, even though Rosetta-san has named herself, we haven’t told her our names yet.

This noon, I did feel like the situation didn’t give a chance for us to do so, but… as far as I’m concerned, that sure was quite impolite.

“Sorry for our rudeness, my name is Tetsuya Yamada.”

“My name is Aria Astori!”

“Mimily Mimingus.”

When we finished introducing ourselves, Rosetta-san is humming while nodding her head.

“Tetsuya, Aria, and Mimily, right? Okay, I’ve remembered it. By the way, you guys… sorry to say it, but, what a strange group you are. An eastern man, a girl, and a beast-woman. Especially, Mimily. Even though you’re still that young, why do you become an adventurer?”

Rosetta-san is looking at Mimily with very interested eyes.

And then, Mimily puffs out her cheeks in displeasure.

“I’m, already fifteen.”

“Wha…! Ah, um, sorry for my rudeness. I see, fifteen years old, huh….”

Rosetta-san flusteredly apologizes to Mimily. And then staring closely at her… and after blinking three times—


She asks so while inclining her head.

Ah, Rosetta-san.

I understand your feeling, but that question is a bit cruel.

Mimily is brimming with anger.

“Right now, I come to disliking Rosetta.”

“S, sorry! My apologies!”

“Only this time, I’ll forgive you.”

When the honorable knight throws away her pride and bows her head to Mimily, her anger is subsided.

Even without apologizing that far, I think Mimily would still forgive her, though.

As I thought, Rosetta-san sure is a good person. Or rather, soft hearted.

I feel like, soon, she might volunteering herself to protect people, just to get caught and assaulted by orcs.

“By the way, Rosetta-san, that red wine, may I take some of it? It’s been a while, so I feel like I want to drink some boozes.”

“Hmm? I don’t mind. It isn’t particularly an expensive wine, after all.”

Rosetta-san says so while whirling the wine in her glass.

The smell of grape is floating around.

“What a nice smell, I want to try it too!”

“Aria, you’re still fourteen, right? It’s still too early for you to drink boozes.”

I warn Aria.

“That’s not the case at all. Fourteen is already a splendid adult. And, by drinking boozes, I’ll perfectly become an adult!”

I don’t think you’re an adult just because you drink boozes, though.

“How about just let her be? Fourteen years old, I don’t know whether it’s already considered as adult or not, but at least she’s not a child anymore. Isn’t it fine to let her try it for just a bit?”

Rosetta-san, even though she looks like a strict person, unexpectedly she says such tolerant words.

At this world, is there no restriction that you can’t drink boozes before you turn twenty, I wonder.

“Mimily-san, do you want to try it, too?”

“Don’t want. Shrimp is enough.”

Without showing any interest in red wine, Mimily wholeheartedly eats her shrimp.

Yup. As expected children are supposed to eat much and grow.

They shouldn’t drink boozes.

“Then we need to ask for two more glasses, right?”

Asking the waiter, we get two more glasses.

And then Rosetta-san pours the red wine at those glasses.

Firstly, I savor its smell.

I haven’t ever learnt about wine’s knowledge, so I don’t know much about it, but… it’s a nice smell.

And then, trying a bit of it.

Yup, tasty.

“Aria, how is it? Your first wine?”

“Fuee… It’s tashty… hiks.”

Eh? Hiccup?

Wait a minute. You already get drunk just by drinking one or two gulps of it?!

“My body ish shomewat hot….”

Aria’s face is flushed pink till her ears, even her words aren’t properly spelled.

This is… dangerous.

“O, oi… are you alright?! There’s a limit on how weak you on boozes, you know?!”

“Yesh… I’m fine… it’s tashty….”

When Aria’s trying to drink the wine more, Rosetta-san hastily snatch the glass away from Aria.

“You’re not fine in the slightest… to think that it’d turn out into like this, it’s my fault for letting you have a try on it.”

“No, no one expected it either. So it isn’t your fault, Rosetta-san.”

“Hmm… but, what to do?”

“What to do, I wonder?”

The drunken Aria is limp and mumbling with her upper body shaking.

Her dreamy face looks like very happy, but we’re the one that become uneasy by looking at it.

“First of all, Aria, here, drink some water.”

I present a glass of water toward Aria.

Receiving it… Aria pours it onto her head.


“Waa… thish cold feeling ish vvery refreshing…..”

“You’ll catch a cold, you know?”

“But… my body ish hot, after all… I’ll take my clothesh off…..”

Saying so, Aria takes of her blouse button.

The cleavage of her big boobs is exposed!!

“Hey! Exposing chest in public isn’t something a girl should do!”

Rosetta-san grabs Aria’s hand while shouting so. However, still in her flabby state, Aria doesn’t notice that she is getting scolded at.

“Faa… whazzap, Rosetta-san. Whazzap with my chesht? … ah, could it be ye’re jealous? My chesht ish big… and yers is small… hanyaa….”

“H, how rude…!”

Rosetta-san shoulders are shivering.

Seems like she’s considerably angry.

Rising up her eyebrows, she instinctively floats an anger expression as if to show her worth.

“Pl, please calm yourself down, Rosetta-san! That’s just a gibber of a drunken person, after all! Or rather, it isn’t like your chest is small, or anything, you know? It’s just Aria’s chest that is especially big!”

“Really? Is that really so? From male’s point of view, is that really the case?”

“O, of course! You don’t need to worry, Rosetta-san, yours is normal!”

Honestly speaking, I think hers is a bit smaller than normal, but I won’t say it since I’m sure it would worsen the situation.

“Got it… Tetsuya, in consideration to you, I’ll just leave this case be here. However… Aria’s drunken state sure is something. I think it would be wise to don’t let her drink any boozes again.”

“Yes, I’ve engraved that deep in my heart.”

“Funyaa… I’m getting shleepy… good night….”

And then, Aria, the core of this storm, sleeps prostrating atop the table.

Without any care about the danger I face here.

“*Munchmunch*, shrimp is delicious.”

And then, the fox eared girl is still stuffing her mouth with shrimp, with a face that show no concern of the situation.

Really, what a good girls you both are!

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