Leveling Up by Walking – 24

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Level-Lease Activate!

When we’re playing around at the sandy beach, we suddenly hear the villagers scream “”It’s the giant squid!”

When I hurriedly turn my sight toward the sea, a very great wave appears.

And there’s a giant shadow beneath of it.

It comes approaching us.

“That’s a squid!?”

“It’s still underwater, so its real body is a bit hard to see.”

When we carefreely discuss so, the squid suddenly shows itself.

The appearing squid that makes *Splash* sound as if smashing the sea is, unexpectedly way larger than what we thought.

Twenty… no perhaps thirty meters big.

So huge!

It’s classified as a monster already, isn’t it!

This is, surely impossible for any ordinary adventurers, huh.

Or rather, even though there’s such huge squid here, how could this village still stand thus far?!

“H, how come?! It’s way larger than the one in the report I got!”

Rosetta-san shouts so.

I see, so it wasn’t this big before, huh. What’s that mean, I wonder?

Does it becomes this huge because it has been eating all the living being in this sea? And because the preys are already gone, so it decides to rise to the surface?

That means, this squid, is currently starved!

“You guys run away immediately! Fighting it is knight’s duty!”

Rosetta-san hurriedly straddles her dragon, and then flies.

After that, she draws her sword, and gathers magical energy there.

“Eat this!”

Giant squid’s tentacle is approaching the dragon! However, avoiding it, Rosetta-san cuts it with her sword.

Even though the length of the sword is pretty much the same with the thickness of the tentacle.

Is it because Rosetta-san is amazing, or because the sword is the amazing one? Perhaps, both of it are amazing, right?

However, the squid is also amazing.

From the cross-section of the tentacle she cut, a new one immediately grows from it.

Even though it’s just a squid, seems like it has recovery skill.

And then, the new tentacle knocks down Rosetta-san’s dragon.


As expected, even Rosetta-san seems like never thought that it has such quick recovery ability.

Without any means to defend or avoid it, she falls to the sea.

Nevertheless, to playing around with the level 70 Rosetta-san, just how strong is that squid, I wonder?

Let’s check it out.


Name            : Giant Squid

Level             : 141

HP                  : 49060

MP                 : 2511

Attack           : 650

Defense        : 737

Agility           : 344

Luck              : 289



Level 141, that means it’s stronger than the dragon I defeated in the forest back then, isn’t it?!

Moreover its HP is absurdly high.

It can even be referred as a boss chara, isn’t it?

But, fret not.

Because, right now my level has reached 900 already, after all.

And my status is something like this.


Level             : 905

HP                  : 71165

MP                 : 69101

Attack           : 3432

Defense        : 2464

Agility           : 2010

Luck              : 2799


I’m sure of it.

I’m sure that I definitely will win.

“It, it’s bad! Let’s save Rosetta-san!”

“To make her draws back her words for calling me small, let’s save her.”

Aria and Mimily are full of spirit.

But, it’s impossible for both of them.

They’ll surely got killed by one of its attack, after all.

I can understand their feeling about wanting to save Rosetta-san, but for now I’ll have them stay still here.

Ah, no, wait.

The skill I got yesterday!

I’m a bit curious about this skill named ‘Level-lease’.

Since, lease means rent contract, after all.

Perhaps, I might be able to lend my level to others, right?

Or so I thought, and when I read its description,

[Through a kiss, you can lend your levels to anyone you wish for ten minutes. However, you ought to be on mutual love with that person.]

It’s written as such.

Hmm, I see… wait, kiss?

Moreover we have to be on mutual love?!

The requirements are too hard.

But, there’s a girl that is seemingly would surely be able to use level-lease on here.

“Aria! Do you love me?!”

“Fue! Wh, what’s up with you so suddenly! Obviously, I love you!”

“Great! Actually, I just remembered a skill named level-lease, if I use it, seems like I’ll be able to lend my level to anyone for ten minutes through a kiss! Aria, will you have a kiss with me?!”

“Y, yes! With pleasure!”

What a speedy development.

As expected of Aria. SasuAri.

“Tetsuya… me too, kiss….”

“Eh, Mimily too?!”

“I want to save Rosetta-san.”

“But, it’s no use if we aren’t on mutual love, you know?! I love you, though, Mimily….”

“I also… actually, love you.”

Unexpectedly a Choroine!


Okay, while we’re at it, let’s go with deep kiss!!

*chuu* *chupa* *nchuu* *lick* *chu*… *CHUU*! (2 times)

“Faa… so this is the taste of a kiss….”

Aria makes an ecstasy face.

“…is there any need to use your tongue?”

Mimily murmurs so while also has a somewhat intoxicated face.

The necessity to use our tongues, I think there’s none.

It’s just a matter of my feeling!

Even you girls didn’t resist it, did you?!

Thanks to the kiss, their levels raised from 25 to 225!

In exchange, my level is decreased by 400 to 505.

But that’s enough.

When we’re kissing each other, Rosetta-san has already straddled her dragon again and gallantly fought the squid.

As expected of a knight.

However, for level 70 to up against level 141, no matter what kind of tactic she use, the victor is pretty much has been decided.

“Okay, let’s save Rosetta-san!”

“For the current me, I feel like I can even defeat a dragon in one blow.”

“There’s an overflowing energy that even might make me unable to sleep tonight.”

“Mimily, the reason you won’t be able to sleep tonight is because you can’t forget the kiss, isn’t it?”

“…Pl, please don’t say such embarrassing thing.”

“If you say so then, I think even I won’t be able to sleep tonight! Ah, no, now isn’t the time to talk about such a thing!”

Just as Aria says.

To save Rosetta-san, let’s attack the giant squid!

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