Leveling Up by Walking – 26

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“Say, what do you thing about moving?”

While lying around atop the bed as usual, I say so when it suddenly comes up to my mind.

And then, the similarly lying Aria suddenly gets up, and inclines her head in wonder.

“Why? I have no dissatisfaction toward this room, though….”

“Well, as expected, it’s a bit too small for the three of us to live together, right?”

“Is that so?”

Seems like Aria doesn’t think so.

However, waking up, Mimily is nodding at me.

“I also think this room is too small. Or rather, I want a private room. I do like both of you, but privacy is too scarce here.”

As expected of Mimily.

Pretending to be an eccentric-chan, she’s actually the one who possess the most common sense among us.

“No matter how you look at it, this room is supposed to be a single room. After selling the original bed here, Tetsuya-san’s sole giant bed is practically filling almost this whole room. For the three of us to live together here, impossible.”

Mimily declares that it’s impossible.

That’s just how small this room is.

I’ve been be patience about it since I was able to live together with these two cutie… or rather, it’s more like I’m grateful to it, but it won’t change the fact that this room is small.

“No, but… we are adventurers, so we’d spend most of our times outside. Housing is, in the end would be nothing but a sleeping place!”

Aria grasps her fist tightly and seriously says so.

“It’s been a week ever since we returned from the beach. We, after that, didn’t take any job, did nothing but wandering around the city or lazing around in this room, you know?”


When Mimily pointing out such fact, out of words, Aria cutely groaning and glaring at her.

But, it’s been a week ever since, huh.

Good grief, lazing around atop the bed, it sure is troublesome how time passed by so quickly.

“Leaving aside whether we’ll really move or not, let’s take a look for any larger room. Or perhaps, how about buying a single house?”

Right now we have quite a surplus amount of money.

First, one hundreds gold coins for subjugating the dragon. Since we’ve used half of it to pay Aria’s debt, there’s only fifty gold coins remaining.

Then, forty gold coins for subjugating the giant squid.

And, forty gold coins from Rosetta-san.

So the total is one hundred thirty gold coins.

We’ve used some of it for our living expense, but the amount wasn’t something noteworthy.

“No matter how you look at it, buying a single house is impossible. If it’s to rent one then that might be still possible, but… as far as I’m concerned, I like the current room, you know?”

“Why? It isn’t like I have any dissatisfaction about it, but… I still think that we need a certain extent of room, you know? Do you have any lingering memories or something for this room?”

“That’s not it… if the room is small, wouldn’t that be a perfect excuse for me to sleep together with you, Tetsuya-san…!”

Aria shyly shouts so.

What a cute reason.

Spontaneously, I tightly hug Aria.

“Don’t worry, Aria! No matter even if we move to a mansion with hundred rooms, let’s always sleep together, okay?”

“You sure are kind, Tetsuya-san! From now on, let’s keep on taking care of each other!”

“Yeah! I won’t ever let you go!”

I strengthen my arms that are hugging Aria.

And then, Mimily is fixedly staring at from aside.

“What’s up, Mimily? Do you also want to join us?”

“Welcome, Mimily-san. I’ll share a bit of Tetsuya-san for you.”

“…don’t need. I just looking at you because it looks very idiotic.”

Murmuring so, Mimily hugs her knees, and lets out an astonished sigh.

I feel like I just being made a real fool by her.

“Mimily, if you keep saying such a thing then when we move to a wider house, we won’t sleep together with you again, you know?”

“I don’t particularly mind. Or rather, I want to have my private room as soon as possible.”

D, dammit.

That’s something that would surely work on Aria, but Mimily doesn’t flinch at all!

Damn you, common sense!

“Mimily-san, that’s not good, you know? It will make Tetsuya-san sad, you know? For making Tetsuya-san sad, the bad Mimily must got mofumofued(pet) as punishment!”

“Eh, I didn’t do anything wrong… hya, please don’t touch me….”

Mimily tries to run away, but Aria immediately seizes her, entwining her fingers at Mimily’s tail, and lightly bites her ear.

Mimily is struggling to get away of her, but seemingly lost the power inside her body, that resistance is very weak.

This, I also have to take a part in it!

“Aria, let me mofumofu Mimily too!”

“Then, go on for her tail!”

“Ooh, it feels amazing as always!”

“P, please… spare, me, al, ready….”

While mofumofuing her like that, I move the bed out through the veranda.

Well then, where should we move to, I wonder?

While we’re at it, there’s also an option to go to another town, after all.

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