Muscle Magic – 1

The beginning

“Big catch, big catch. With this much, I should be able to eat till my heart content.”

There‘s a youth walking toward his house with a good mood—or rather, that’s me.

Inside the dense forest, I’m walking while dragging a large magical beast at my back.

My name is Yuri.

With quite an unusual appearance with black hair and black pupil, I don’t know how old I am but from my appearance perhaps it’s around eighteen.

My height perhaps a bit taller than average, my body also a bit more muscular than average. I have such appearance.

So you could say, aside than the fact that I live inside forest, I’m just an ordinary person who you could find anywhere.

“I’m sure lucky to met such a large magical beast.”

I’m laughing while feeling the weight at my back, and talking to myself.

I’ve been living alone inside this forest since I was still a kid, but this was my first time to capture such a large magical beast.

Seems like I would be able to live in luxury for a while, and so I’m beginning to think about what kind of food I should make for my meal.

After walking through forest in good mood, I finally arrived at my destination place.

The one there is the only human made object inside this forest—in short, it’s my house.


After placing the magical beast at the floor, I stretch my body to stretching my muscles.

For now, how about I roast this magical beast. When I thought so, I feel an unfamiliar presence of something. Could it be, it’s a large type magical beast around here which is entranced by this magical beast.

“I won’t let it goes away!”

I immediately rushing outside while drooling.

And then, there’s an unfamiliar person outside my house.

“…it’s a house, isn’t it?”

She’s muttering something in front of my house. Seems like because she’s still thinking about something so she hasn’t noticed me.

I lightly observing that girl.

She has silver hair, silver eyes, and long ears. Different from human like me, seem like she has a different race.

Her main trait is her face which is very beautiful. Cute, and lovely, on top of it it’s elegant.

As if that beautiful face is the embodiment of the world’s beauty, my eyes are entranced by it.

At her upper body, she wears a tight white clothes which showing her body line, at her lower body, she wears a skirt.

Just at a glance I’m sure that she has a good style.

One fist slimmer than me, her long and slender legs is stretching from her skirt. Her chest development seems is lacking, but even so I could say that her art-like beauty sure is exceptional.

I can’t hide my surprise at my encounter with the beautiful girl before me.

She is indeed an extraordinary beauty, but the biggest reason is the fact that this is my first encounter with someone even since I lived in this forest.

I never thought that there would be someone come to such a deep forest.

At my encounter with someone after such a long time, I can’t restrain my heart to not throbbing violently.

Without noticing such a thing, the beautiful girl is touching her chin with her fingers while thinking with a pensive expression.

“Why there’s a house at this kind of place…? Should I try and enter it? …no, now isn’t the time to hesitating.”

Seems like she hasn’t noticing me. If that’s the case then let’s address her first.

And then I address her with that kind of thought.

“Do you need something from me?”


She is screaming with an improper voice for a beautiful girl, and looking at me with a surprised expression.

“I, I’m sorry, to be so surprised….”

“No, I’m also for surprising you. It’s my first time to meet someone inside this forest, after all. And then, do you need something?”

“I just want to ask the way to get out of this forest, could you?”

According to her.

Seems like her name is Firia Windia. Seventeen years old, and an elf.

I had heard that elf have a beautiful face, but I never thought it’s to be to this extent.

And then, it seems like she was indeed come inside the forest, but she lost her way to come out from the forest.

After heard her story, I fold my arms, and looking at the elf before my eyes.

Her long eyelashes are swinging up and down whenever she is blinking.

“I see, I see. In other word… you, what kind of name do you have?”

“I just introduced myself, though…. My name is Firia-desu. Ah, I won’t object if you want to call me as ‘the excellent beautiful elf Firia-san’, you know?”

Broadly grinning, Firia touches her chin with her fingers. I know that she’s cute but I hope she could restrain her narcissistic side.

“…well, fine by me. In other word the excellent beautiful elf Firia-san is—“

“Ah, I’m sorry. As I thought, please just call me Firia.”

“Even though you ask that yourself.”

“Being called such by someone is more embarrassing than what I thought….”

Firia is averting her eyes as if to avoiding my gazes.

And there were a slight blush at her white cheeks.

“In other word Finia is an elf, and when you were at merry for leaving your original elf village, you came to this unfamiliar forest and then lost your way to came out… something like that, right?”

“That’s right-desu.”


I’m looking at the elf before my eyes with half-opened-eyes.

Doesn’t elf should be already know what kind of dangerous place forest is?

I thought that even a kid in merry won’t ever rushing into a forest, though.

Perhaps she notices my gazes, Firia is saying something with her pink lips.

“I’m quite a clumsy girl-desu. But, even that part of mine is cute, right?”

“Don’t say that yourself.”

Her appearance sure is excellent, but seems like her inside is a deplorable one.

“Well, to put it simply you are lost, right?”

“No, rather than lost… I just don’t know a way to come out from the forest-desu.”

“That’s what called as lost.”

At my word, Firia perplexedly hung her head.

“Uwa, even though I’ve been trying my best to escape from that reality! You said that!? You just said that!?”

What’s up with her…?

Even if you do that, the reality won’t necessarily changes, you know, what a strange person.

And that strange girl is covering her chest with her hand, and using the other hand to pointing at me.

“To be delighted by showing me the reality which I don’t want to see… you’re the worst, pervert!”

“Then, I won’t tell you the way.”

“I’m sorry, please forgive me.”

Firia bows her head to me.

From onlookers, without a doubt I’ll become the bad one here… I’m glad that we’re at forest.


I’m looking at Firia who is bowing her head before me. Does elf filled with such a strange fellow?

How should I put it, they are more deplorable than what I thought. At first I thought that elf are, like, have a more perfect personification, but now I’m greatly disappointed.

…it’s just, well, rather than perfect, she’s easier to talk to. Perhaps the only reason we have quite a good affinity is simply because she is the first existence I meet who has a mutual understanding with me after this long time.

Well, the problem right now is whether I would be able to lead her come out from the forest, or not.

I don’t mind cooperating with her, but there’s one great problem here.

“I don’t mind cooperating with you, but… I also don’t know the way out, you know?”

“Eh!? Even though you just haughtily said ‘then, I won’t tell you the way’!?”

Ah, come to think of it, I said something like that, huh.

“Well sorry, don’t worry, don’t worry about it.”

“To tramping upon maiden’s pure heart….! The compensation won’t be cheap, you know…!”

Firia glares at me while saying so.

But, because she is shorter than me so it make her upturning her eyes toward me, to be frank, it isn’t scary at all.

“Well, what’s it, for now we need to do something about that first.”

I point toward Firia’s rear.

Incited by that, Firia also turns her face to her rear.

The one there is a magical beast which possesses several tentacles.

It’s a magical beast with carnivorous plant shape which is good at sinuously controlling its violet tentacles.


Screaming such kind of improper voices again, Firia immediately takes some distance from that magical beast.

Firia’s distancing herself till around my place, and her body is shivering when she see its tentacles which are fluently moving sinuously.

“What’s up with that indecent appearance…. I feel a strong urge to run away which I never felt before. Should I do my best to run away here?”

“But those tentacles are quite tasty, you know? Seriously.”

Firia who was slowly retreating was suddenly stopped when she heard what I just said



By just roasting that tentacle, it would become very tasty and it also would emitting its unique aroma.

Even I could say that inside this forest it has one of the most delicious flavor.

“Let’s fight it. If I run away here, I would bring shame to elf’s name.”

Completely different from earlier, now Firia is preparing to fight it.

Surprisingly she is quite a calculating fellow.

But, as if interrupting Firia, I say such.

“I just happen to want to eat it right now. So I’ll do it.”

When I think about food, I realized that I haven’t ate any meal. I feel so hungry to the point I feel like dying.

Isn’t by defeating it, I’ll be able to settle my hunger problem.

“Are you really going to be okay? That magical beast seems quite strong, though.”

“Hmm? Ah, leave it to me.”

I turn toward Firia who is at my rear and say so. And then, Firia’s expression is changed. From an uneasy expression into flustered expression.

“Watch out! Front, Yuri-san, front!”


When I turn my face as per she says, a wind magic which is fired by the magical beast is approaching before my eyes.

The edge of the wind is clashing my body as it is, and make a cloud of dust.

“No, no way…?!”

Firia’s voice is shaking.

Perhaps, she thinks that I’ve dead.

Well, it isn’t strange to think as such, though.

“I’m going…!”

Using my trained legs’ muscles to rushing out from the cloud of dust, I cut my gap with the magical beast.

I give the dumbfounded magical beast a light punch at its belly as it is.

And the magical beast is collapsing there while screaming a seeming painful voices.

Its tentacles are keep moving for a while, but those movement are stopped before long.


After killing the magical beast, I drag its body toward Firia’s place.

“What, what happened…?”

Firia’s beautiful face is dyed with surprised expression. Even it make her to open both of her silver eyes wide, seems like it’s quite a shock for her.

I answer her as if it’s something trifling.

“Ah, magic is ineffective at me. Because I’ve trained my body, after all.”

Right, that’s the reason I was able to live by myself inside this forest.

My trained body is, won’t be injured by any kind of magic.

So literally, magic is ineffective at me.

Whether it fire magic, water magic, lightning magic, wind magic or earth magic, all kind of magic are vanished before tough body. So I’m invincible at my enemy’s magic. It’s a great advantage at a life stacking battle. That’s why, it was the reason I was able to survive thus far.

“Magic is ineffective…? Because you’ve trained…? …Isn’t that too absurd?”

Firia who is listening to my explanation is mumbling midway as if shocked.

“Even if you say that. It can’t be helped right since ineffective things are ineffective, after all.”


“Are you a kid?”

To Firia who was talking like a kid, I unintentionally say so while smiling in shock.

“Let’s take a meal before we go out from this forest. You’re going to eat, too, right?”

“Then I’ll gladly take it. What kind of taste that tentacles would make, I’ll anticipating it!”

“For now, let’s come inside first.”

And thus, I invite the person who stopped in front of my house into my house.

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