Muscle Magic – 10

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Beast’s threat

Leaving to the town, we start pursuing kurosuke’s smell.

My nose won’t lost the sight of my prey once I grasped it…. Lost its smell? Impossible.

“It’s this way. Follow me.”

“…what’s up that nose of yours, Yuri-san?”

When I sniff it my nose, Firia looks at me with a somewhat astonished gaze.

“If you train it then you should be able to do this much.”

“Or rather, I think the idea of training nose is strange in the place, though.”

Normally my nose would be just like any ordinary nose, but when I focused it, it would be comparable with dog’s nose.

For such me, this request isn’t something that hard.


◇ ◇ ◇



We favorably pursuing kurosuke’s smell.

The town gradually thickened, we step into an alley where sunlight couldn’t enter it.

After pursuing it for a while more, we finally find a moving silhouette. When I look at it closely, it has the same trait as kurosuke.

“Seems like we find it.”

“Seems like so.”

When I approach it to catch it, kurosuke is growling *gurururu* and tries intimidating me.

As I thought, even if it’s a pet, a beast would still a beast.

That’s quite a good growl.

But if I take any step closer kurosuke might rampaging…. Should I intimidate it too here?



When I do so kurosuke whirl its tail and then rolls its body into a ball. When I catch kurosuke, it’s shaking and shivering.

Okay, with this the request has been accomplished, right?


◇ ◇ ◇


After that we immediately take kurosuke to the client’s house.

Seeing kurosuke that is curling at my arm, Sharon suddenly makes a broad smile.

“Yay! Thank you Firia-san! And….”


To the stagnated Sharon, Firia quietly whispers my name to her.

“Thank you Yuri-san.”


Sharon and her mother are greatly delighted.

I have a bit dissatisfaction that I couldn’t fight against any strong opponent, but if it makes them delighted then just so be it.

Perhaps doing such kind of requests sometimes aren’t that bad.


◇ ◇ ◇


“I, did I even necessary at this request?”

Firia murmurs so when we walk toward the guild to report our request accomplishment.


“Then why did you take me along? Even though I wanted to lazing around at that house~”

Firia pouts and kicks a pebble at the roadside.

“You were the one that talking about group work, didn’t you?”

“I’ve forgotten about such a thing!”

Firia says so with a clear and strong tone.

She’s too unreasonable.

“But you solved this whole request by yourself, right, Yuri-san? So there should be no problem even if I stayed at that house, right? Why did you even take me along? …. Could it be ‘because I want to be together with you’ or something? Kya, that’s embarrassing.”

Covering her face with her hands, Firia performs an unnatural shy act.

Since I know that that’s nothing but an act so I’m not captivated by it, but all the passerby’s gazes are focused at Firia.

“You’re right… that was because I didn’t want to do the job by myself. It was too troublesome, after all.”

If it was a battle oriented request then I’ll gratefully undertook it, but aside from that, I don’t think I would have any spirit to undertake any of it.

“Please don’t ignore my perfect acting~. Also, thank you for your wonderfully cruel answer.”

“Please stop it. I didn’t do anything that deserve your gratitude, you know?”

“You only listen to the convenient part, don’t you… what a good pair of ears you have there. I’m really envious of you.”

“It’s amazing, right? Well, that’s because I’ve trained it, after all.”

“Impossible… my sarcasm doesn’t transmitted?!”

Hmm? What are Firia talking about?

I don’t understand any inch of what she thinks.

You should train your muscle more. If not, we wouldn’t be at the same page.

“Haa…. Yuri-san are only thinking about muscle, don’t you?”

“Oi! You just peeked at my mind, didn’t you?”

“That was because you were thinking about a rude thing~”

Firia pulls her eyelids down and sticks her tongue out at me.

A beauty is, even if she makes such kind of face she would still looks beautiful, right?

How troublesome, since if I ever lose my focus I feel like I might plunge myself at her anytime.


“Oi, we’ve arrived, you know? Why are you dazing out there?”

Ignoring the somehow blushing Firia, I enter the guild and report our request accomplishment to the receptionist girl.

“You’ve found it?! An investigation request usually took quite a time, though….”

“My nose is sharper than dog’s, you see. I’ve trained it, after all.”

“I, I see. Then, this is the reward of the request completion.”

After exchanging some light words with the receptionist girl, I receive the quest reward.

At that time, Firia finally enters the guild and swiftly walks toward me.

“Please don’t leave me behind.”

“You were the one that arbitrarily stopped there, didn’t you?”

“Nugugu, what a logical argument…”

“That’s because I won’t say anything illogical, after all.”

“I don’t understand what that means.”

Firia shakes her head to objects my word.

“Then, how was it? Was doing a request other than gathering medicinal herbs became a change a pace for you?”

“Yes… how about you, Yuri-san?”

“Well, I’m sorry. I think it would be a good thing to accept an opinion from other from now on.”

“That’s good to hear.”

Firia spontaneously floats a smile at me.

A broad smile from a beauty at Firia level is so dazzling. That brilliance, I feel as if it makes the mood inside the guild brightened.

“But, tomorrow we’ll take medicinal herbs gathering request.”


At my word, Firia hang her head and makes a voice that blow away her radiance just now.


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