Muscle Magic – 2

Surprisingly he’s the type who is carrying a handkerchief

In front of us, there are a line up of emptied wooden plate.

“Haa, I’ve eat a lot….. I can’t eat anymore….”

Firia says so while patting her belly, the amount she ate was very small, just around a tenth of mine.

“I thought you are were glutton, but unexpectedly you’re quite a light eater, huh.”

Since she said ‘tasty, tasty’ so I thought the food was into her liking, but seems like her stomach wasn’t that big.

“I want to eat more-desu, but my stomach was full way too quickly. I’m so envious to Yuri-san who is able to eat that much-desu.”

“Your appearance looks so light, after all. How about increasing the weight a bit more?”

I observe Firia’s body once again.

Even though she said that her belly was full from eat, there’s no change at her slender body.

When I’m staring at Firia like that, she cross her hands as if to hide her modest chest.

“Ah, at Yuri-san’s mind, I’m being defiled….”

“Don’t just arbitrarily accuse me like that!”

“What, it’s wrong, huh. Then I’m relieved.”

While lightly laughing as if joking, Firia stands up while saying ‘Oi sho’.

“Thank you for the meal. It was very delicious-desu.… well then, I think I should leave soon.”

“Wait a minute.”

I call Firia who is standing and intending to leave my house.

She inclines her neck as if asking ‘What’s up?’.

To such Firia, I tell her my honest feeling.

“I become want to leave this forest, too. Is it okay if I go along with you till the outside the forest?”

I never felt lonely ever since I lived alone inside this forest.

I also had no dissatisfaction with my livelihood here, since there was the fact that I could just got some magical beast as my meal myself.

But, I met her.

Firia is indeed a strange fellow, but she isn’t a bad person. Or rather, personally, perhaps I could say that she is a kind person.

I never had any thought to leave this forest. Perhaps, I unconsciously evaded such a thought.

But, by talking with Firia, my interest to the outside world which I’d unconsciously locked, was flowing out.

I want to know about many more various thing.

I want to go to more various place.

I want to meet more various people.

–and then, above all, I want to become stronger.

Such feeling is quickly filling my heart.

I have no skill to block such rampaging desires.

Firia who hear my word is looking at the ground and looks like a bit hesitated, and then she looks at me.

“Then, let’s go together? I also just left my village so I fell a bit anxiety, after all, I fell more reassured by having Yuri-san together with me.”

“Ooh! Best regards!”

And so, I decided to leave my house which I’ve been live at for a long time.


◇ ◇ ◇


I and Fria are walking through the deep forest.

To Firia who isn’t out of breath even though we have been walking for such a long time, I secretly astonished. Contrary to her frail looking appearance, surprisingly she has quite a stamina in her.

“We still can’t see the exit, huh. Yuri-san, are you still alright?”

On the contrary, she even has the leeway to worrying about me.

“I’m all right. Or rather, I’m surprised that Firia has that much stamina.”

“Elf is resident of the forest, after all. Except a place outside the forest, as long as we are inside the forest, it’s just as if strolling at the park.”

Firia says so while puffing her modest chest.

“Resident of the forest who lost inside the forest, right….”

“You’ve promised that you won’t say that again, right.”

While exchanging such words, I and Firia are roaming around the forest.

And then, from ahead of us, there’s a voices as if some trees are being pushed through.

“A magical beast?”

“Then, now is my turn to show my ability, right?”

Firia flatly says so while facing the appearing magical beast.

That magical beast’s height, which walking with its four legs, is around Firia’s waist. It has a splendid horn at its forehead, even inside this forest, it’s quite a strong one. Moreover its meat is tasty, for me it’s a magical beast which has low cost performance. I don’t know its name, though.

“Gargas, huh. Seems like I shouldn’t go easy here.”

Seems like the magical beast before us is called gargas.

“Please die.”

Firia points her palm to the magical beast, and shooting a water edge.

With ultra high speed, the fired water edge is piercing through the magical beast from its mouth till its end in one go.

The magical beast is dead without even able to raise a single voice.

“Finished. Just now I used water magic, but other than that I’m also able to use some other magic like fire magic, lightning magic, wind magic, and also recovery magic. As long as I have the magical energy, I even would be able regrow a lost arm. But it’s impossible if the time has elapsed considerably, though.”

“…amazing, right.”

I say an admiration word.

I’ve been wondering just who did she able to survived while lost inside this forest which is magical beast’s dominion, but no wonder if she’s that strong than. Regrow a lost arm isn’t a feat of an ordinary magician, right.

Contrary to that, Firia is waving her hands as if it’s nothing.

“I’m an elf, after all, something this much is a matter of course. Or rather, my feats are still a long way to go.”

“No, no matter even if you’re an elf, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll immediately able to do all of it ever since you were born, right? I honestly respect that great effort of yours. Firia is an amazing person, huh.”

I honestly admire magic.

Because, you could pop out water or fire from nothingness, you know? Anyone must be admire it, too.

For me who had lived inside this forest for such a long time, I remembered what magic is, but I also remembered just how hard to learn it. Just how much time needed to be able to use such powerful magic…. Moreover to be able to use four more kinds of it, I can’t imagine just how much effort she did.

“Is, is that so. T… thank you very much.”

Perhaps she isn’t used to be praised, Firia is playing with her silver hair as if embarrassed.

That is a somewhat surprising reaction. To be able to use magic at that extent, isn’t okay if she act a bit more prideful.

“It, it isn’t like I’m embarrassed or anything, you know”!

Or so Firia says while puffing her modest chest, and flatly pointing at me.

And then, she immediately cross her arms before her chest.

“Just now, you were thinking that my chest is so modest, right! Yuri-san is a pervert, pervert-desu!”

“…why do you know what I was thinking?”

“That’s the kind of ability I have-desu. It’s called “mind reading”, it would let me read someone’s mind-desu! It could only be used to someone who is cautious at me, though. How’s that, amazing right?”

Firia proudly says so while puffing her modest chest again, and putting her hands at her waist.

“That’s… indeed amazing.”

Even if it could only be used to someone who is cautious to her, but to able to read someone’s mind is sure would become a considerable advantage when fighting.

When I say so, Firia quickly averts her eyes, and then turns her back on me.

“…please don’t looking at me for a while, *sob*.”

“D, did I say something bad? Sorry, I’m really sorry!”

I can’t hide my agitated feeling when Firia is suddenly crying.

Just what did I just said!?

Did I just said something which hurt her feeling!?

I’ve been pondering about it, but I have no experience about human relationship. I don’t know what made her crying.

Firia’s shoulder, who is turning her back on me, is shaking, perhaps she feels my bewilderment, so she explain it to me.

“That’s not it. *sob*… I just, a bit happy-desu.”


“*sob*. Because… you said I’m amazing! Because, people at my village said that this ability is disgusting! … *sob* …. Please lend me a handkerchief.”

I give my handkerchief to Firia who is still turn her back on me.

Firia extends her white and slender arm to take it.

And then she wipe her tears with it as it is, and use it blow her nose. After that, she returns my handkerchief back to me.

“You… this is someone’s handkerchief, you know?”

“No problem. *sob*. Since I’m a beauty, after all.”

“Its meaning is changed, though….”

That’s an enigmatic reason, but I’m saved since it makes her stop crying. Since she has cried it out, seems like her feeling would settled down soon.


◇ ◇ ◇


I arbitrarily choose a suitable time to addressing her. Her eyes are still red but seems like she has considerably calmed down.

“Seems like you’ve calmed down.”

“Usually, at this kind of time you should say ‘you could cry at my chest’ or so, though.”

“You could cry at my chest.”

“No, it’s okay since I’ve stopped crying-desu. Moreover, I’m not such an easy woman, after all.”

Firia indifferently says so with her eyes still red.

And then, after quiet for a few seconds, she opens her mouth again.

“…but, well, it isn’t like I’m not happy for being praised. Thank you very much.”

And so Firia says while laughing Nihihi. That smile is enough to charm anyone who see it.

Nevertheless, to say ‘it isn’t like I’m not happy’… even though it’s okay to just say ‘I’m happy’. What an unhonest fellow.

To such Firia, I can feel that my mouth is loosening.

“No, I just said what I was thinking, so you don’t need to thank me. That’s why, Firia also should live according to what you desired. This muscle, cool, right?”

“No, that’s, I’m not quite understand.”

To me who’s showing my trained muscle, Firia is looking at me with a cold expression.

What a deplorable person to be unable to understanding the splendor of this muscle.

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