Muscle Magic – 3

The Splendor or Muscle Magic

After several days wandering around the forest.

“…Oh. I can see it, the exit.”

Finally we’re able to go outside the forest.

“Aah! We’re really come out form the forest, right!”

I say ‘yes’ to Firia who just came out from the forest.

“Of course I like to live inside the forest, but as expected having a wide field of view sure is relaxing, right. The possibility to be attacked by magical beasts is also low, after all.”

“That’s indeed right.… Sorry Firia, may I ask for some water?”

Because we’ve be walking since morning, or perhaps because I feel a bit exhausted since we finally able to come out from the forest. Either way, I feel that my throat is so thirsty. Firia is showing a somewhat reluctant expression when she pouring water into my hands which I make it into a shape of bowl.


“It isn’t something great.”

The cold water is flowing to my throat. It feels like my body is being healed from the bottom of my heart.

“…even though magic is ineffective to you, but to drink the water which is produced by magic is, really unfair, right~”

“Is that so? Well, even this body isn’t invincible, after all.”

Magic is ineffective at me, but that doesn’t necessarily means it would affect my opponent.

I could only repel any magic with my body’s tough trait.

That’s why, if I receive a magic which is more powerful than my body, I’ll just normally take some damage. Well, something like that was never happened even once thus far, though.

“Then, what should we do from now on? Parting here, or perhaps journeying together?”

“I’ve been thinking about it since several days ago, but if Yuri-san don’t mind it, is it okay for me to accompanying you? Since I won’t be bored if I together with you.”

“Yuri’san are also strange, after all.” So Firia add.

I think the one who’s strange here isn’t me, but you though.

“Moreover, since elf is a reclusive race, we don’t left the forest that much. With appearance which greatly exceed normality, seems like we were being favored highly, I even heard that we might be targeted by slave merchant…. That’s why, well, I want to be protected~, or so.”

Firia bashfully says so with her body unnaturally wriggling.

“What would be the benefit for me?”

“Like, you’ll be able to be together with the beautiful me.”

While putting her finger to her soft looking cheek, she say that is if that is a matter of course thing.

“…is that a benefit?”

“No matter how you think about it, it’s a benefit, you know. Moreover, if it’s for my own sake, I won’t feel any guilt for exploiting someone!”

Firia declares so brimming with energy. With a triumphant look I never see before.

“…no, I think saying such a thing right before me is no good, though.”

What? Even though she looks like a good headed one, could it be she’s an airhead? Well, personally, someone who would say such a thing is more comfortable for me, though.

Her head seems like lacking but she’s quite proficient at fighting.

“Ah, that’s because I used “Mind Reading”, Yuri-san have no hidden face, and seems like you’re more prefer someone who says anything what she thinks as it is. I think that’s quite a perverted preference, but I’ll tolerate it if it’s just at that extent. And above all, I’m the one who is asking Yuri-san, after all.”

…before I know it she starts talking as if it’s already a decided matter that she would accompanying me.

Or rather, doesn’t she said too much about what she think?

I could only sighing ‘haa’.

Well, the one who gave me the impetus to go outside the forest was Firia.

So I shouldn’t just flatly reject her request, right?

“Just do as you please.”

“Okay~. Then I’ll arbitrarily accompany you.”


I stop my legs.

“Is there something matter?”

Firia also stopped behind me.

“Firia, do you know where the town is?”

“There’s no way I know it, right? Since when I was nonchalantly walking I came to that forest, after all. In the first place, I even don’t know where we are currently is. The only think I know is, human is the most prosperous race in all humanity, or so I heard.”

“…are you kidding me, you really don’t know anything, huh.”

“On the contrary, Yuri-san, since you’re a human, don’t you know at least town’s location?”

Firia asks me that question

Fuu, what a foolish question.

I answer that brimming with smile.

“Do you think I who had been shut myself in that forest ever since my childhood would know such a thing?”

“No, that isn’t something you should be proud of, right?”

When she says so, that’s indeed right.

Ignoring Firia who is looking at me with half opened eyes, I search for some clues which may lead us to a town.

And then, I successfully find a great clue.

“We sure are lucky, we don’t need to worry anymore.”

“What do you mean?”

To Firia who asks so while inclining her head, I extend my hand and point out one of my finger.

“I can see a castle wall over there. So there must be a town, right?”

“…castle, wall?”

While furrowing her eyebrows, she says that with puzzled expression.

Seems like Firia can’t see it.

“Yuri-san sure have a good eyes, right?”

“Well, I’ve trained it, after all”

“Training your eyes is, what’s that…?”

And with that, we start walking toward that castle wall.


◇ ◇ ◇


“Yuri-san, do you have any hobby?”

When we are walking toward the town, perhaps bored, Firia ask me so.

Hobby, huh…. Inside the forest, the things I could do were very limited, after all.

I start recalling what I usually do thus far.

And then, I remember it.

“Ah, I love to train my body. Like muscle training.”

I forgot it since for me that was a very usual thing to do, but I love to train my body.

Inside the forest which gave me low field of view, there would be always a possibility that I may receive a surprise attack from my rear. So if I didn’t train my body and something like that happened, I would be immediately sent to the after world.

That’s why I made sure to always train every possible trained part like my eyes, nose and muscle.

Well, even without that, I simply love to train my body.

“Come to think of it, when we still inside the forest, you said something about your muscle, right? Like because you’ve trained it so magic is ineffective on it, or something as ambiguous as such, after all…. Hmm~, but unexpectedly I can barely see any muscle at your body, though….”

While staring at my body, Firia ask that with a rude look.

My body is indeed couldn’t be called as muscular.

My body is more robust compared to Firia, but perhaps my appearance won’t be much different from an ordinary man or at best a bit more muscular than them.

“I intentionally keep this form, after all. However, it would be different when I seriously fighting, you know?”

I say that while putting power into my body.

And then, my body is quickly transformed into the form which I usually use when I was seriously fighting.

My muscle which rapidly swelling up is easily tearing up my coat, and I become half naked in a blink of eye.

My height is increased by one head, and reaching two meters.

“How’s it? Amazing right?”

As expected even Firia seems like surprised by my transformation, her silver eyes are widely open.

“…no, isn’t it a bit too amazing? Even your height is increased, you completely become a muscle daruma, though.”

“Please don’t praise me like that, that’s embarrassing.”

“I wasn’t praising you.”

But, normally I won’t transformed into this form.

Since my body become considerably bigger, it become quite a hassle to moving, it also unfit to hiding.

Training your muscle is indeed a good thing, but the body which become bigger isn’t necessarily means something good.

Depending on the situation, there are also times when having an average body is way better.

That’s why, I would use a limiter aside when I’m fighting, to restrict my muscles’ enlargement.

Being praised, I revert my body into my average person form, and wear my spare coat.

“Moreover, even at this form I still have quite a power, you know?”

I pick a moderately size pebble from the ground and grasp it tightly.

When I open my palm again, the one there is the stone which has transformed into sand.


“…is pebble something which could be pulverized by hand?”

“If you train your body.”

“…I’ll leave it as such.”

Firia looks like somewhat astonished, I’m not quite understand what she says.

“Other than that, I also can emit fire, you know?”

“You’re able to use fire magic? So that means, Yuri-san are a magician, right?”

“I’m indeed a magician. But the magic I use isn’t fire magic, but muscle magic.”

I bend my arm as if to show my muscle to Firia.

Firia is looking at me with an expression as if she doesn’t understand what I just said.

“…muscle magic? What’s that?”

“This is a magic which could only be obtained by training your muscle.”

I hit my fist to the space right before me.

My fist which is launched with speed that surpassing speed of sound, emitting a ‘boom’ sound.


“…I don’t feel any trace of the usage of magical energy, though, what happened just now?”

“I just launching my fist at super speed, and since it’s too fast my fist is burning.”

“…? I’m sorry, could you please explain it once more….”

“I just launching my fist at super speed, and since it’s too fast my fist is burning.”

“…ha? Eh? Wha, what do you mean?”

Seems like Firia is very bewildered at my magic.

It can’t be helped, since the way I emit my magic is unusual, after all. Perhaps outside the forest there’s no similar magic like mine, right.

“Muscle magic is a magic which doesn’t use any magical energy, after all.”

“No, I think that isn’t a magic but simply a feat of strength, though.”

Seems like Firia says something with astonished expression, but I’m not quite understand what she says.

You should train your muscle more. If not, I can’t understand it.

“…umm, Yuri-san. It’s about your muscle, but… are Yuri-san actually a monster or something?”

“You’re too cruel, right!? I’m a human.”

I never thought that I would be referred as a non-human. I think I’m just an ordinary person which could be find anywhere, though.


◇ ◇ ◇



Around the time when day started darkening, I and Firia safely arrived at the castle wall.


“Amazing, right~.  Since elf is basically a race which live coexist with nature, this is my first time seeing something like this.”

There are several soldier-like people at the castle gate, but we can easily pass the gate without any inspection.

…just for what purpose those people standing there?

Or so I thought, but I immediately find the answer.

So that the magical beasts don’t come inside the town, something like that right? Because ever since we left the forest, we encountered some of it several times, after all. Of course we defeated all of it.

Inside the town there are many wooden houses standing in a row. My tension is sky rocketing when I see the town scenery for the first time.

“Well then. From now on, what should we do, Firia-san?”

“What should we do Yuri-san. For the time being, renting an inn seems like the best course, right?”

At Firia’s opinion, I hit my palm and make a ‘pon’ sound.

“Inn, huh. I never thought about it.”

“Yuri-san are quite an airhead, right~?”

“Is that so? At the worst case, we could just sleep at the roadside, right? And since we could just hunt some magical beasts so we won’t be troubled for our living, after all.”

“That way of thinking sure is savage-like, though….”

While talking something like that, we picked an inn.

Since I don’t have any money, inevitably I must ask Firia to pay for my share too.

“Leave it to me” or so she said, but isn’t quite a bad state as a man.

For now let’s think about a way to earn money. First is from there.

I start thinking about our course of action from now on inside my head.


◇ ◇ ◇


Arrived at the room, I and Firia relaxing our mind.

The room’s inside is, well its facilities are around the average inn would has.

The problem is, there’s only one bed.

“…or rather, Firia? Isn’t it a single room?”

“It, it can’t be helped right, since we don’t have enough money to rent a double room, after all.”

Seems like our financial affairs is worse than I thought.

Perhaps because we’re inside a room just by ourselves, I can see that Firia’s expression is somewhat stiffened.

At this kind of time, I should show my manly side, right.

“For now, it’s okay if you use the bed.”

I casually refer that I won’t use the bed. Well, that’s a matter of course since the one who paid the room was Firia, after all.

“Asking me to use the bed… ha! So you’re aiming for my body, right…? You’re the worst, I misjudged you.”

Firia is crossing her arms in front of her modest chest.

“Why it come to that….? I just say that since I could sleep while standing so I don’t need the bed. As long as I could sleep at least one hour, that’s enough.”

“Your sleeping time, isn’t that a bit too absurd? … well, since I’ve saw it myself inside the forest so I believe it, though”

“Moreover, the one who paid the room was Firia, after all, so it’s a matter of course that you should be the one who use it, right?”

“Even though it’s just the two of us here, you and this beauty, you seem quite a gentleman, right?”

“…beauty? Where is she?”

I unnaturally looking around and surveying our surroundings.

Firia is hectically hopping and moving around to grasp my field of view, but before long she inflates her cheek and say “Muu….”

“I’m angry, I’m gonna sleep now! … good night!”

“Aa, good night.”

Like that, our first night at the city was advancing.

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