Muscle Magic – 6

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The first job is collecting medicinal herbs.

There was a trouble at the guild, but for us who decided to take the collecting medicinal herbs request as our first job, we went outside the town.

Our destination is a different forest than forest of death. It’s a forest suited for beginners with less dangerous magical beasts.

“Oh, I find it.”

I who have found the medicinal herb, pull it from the ground.

“Isn’t that way too fast?”

Firia who is also currently crouching on the ground to search for the medicinal herbs says so with a seemingly surprised voices.

“I can somehow know it from its scent, after all.”

For me, such a feat is a piece of cake.

Anyhow, for me who had lived inside the forest without any potion, if I left my injury as it was, it would led me into death, after all. In that situation, understanding the effect of each medicinal herbs was an important thing for me.

Even if I say so, ever since I lived inside that forest, I never got any injury even once, though.

“Even though there’s recovery magic, do we still need medicinal herbs?” that may be indeed so, but people who could use recovery magic are scarce in the first place, and seems like you need to pay a load sum of money to have them cast it for you.

That’s what Firia said yesterday at the inn while puffing her nihilistic chest with a somewhat boastful expression.

And then, right now, for me who said that I can know it from its scent, Firia makes a dubious expression.

“I though medicinal herb has no scent, though.”

“Its scent is quite nice, you know?”

When I say so, Firia sighs with a seemingly resigned expression.

“…as I thought, I think Yuri-san aren’t a human, after all. To be able to discern the scent of medicinal herb is, even dog can’t do it.”

“Well, I’v lived inside the forest, after all. So of course I’ll be able to do this much.”

*twitch*, Firia’s ear twitched when I say so.

“As a resident of forest, I can’t afford to lose…!”

Firia is looking at me with a pride blaze at her eyes.

“Want to have a match?”

“Bring it on!”

And so, my and Firia’s showdown of collecting medicinal herb began.



◇ ◇ ◇



At evening. Inside the forest.

My and Firia’s showdown of collecting medicinal herbs still continued.

“Since my dimensional is full, so how about we end the match here?”

At Firia’s word, I stop looking for the medicinal herbs.

It became more enthusiastic than I expected. She was quite a formidable opponent….

The medicinal herbs which are collected by Firia is nothing inferior to mine. I could say that her title as the resident of the forest is not just for show, huh.

Seems like she could understand which place where those medicinal herbs were growing at.

“That’s a skill of a race who lived inside the forest for a long time.” Or so Firia says, but from my point of view, I think Firia is way far more apart from a human than I do, though.

“I got one hundred forty, and Firia got one hundred thirty six. So it’s my win, isn’t it?”

The result is my win with a slight margin.

“Mugugu… if I know it would happen then I should had bought a bigger dimensional bag at the town. If we continue the match a little longer we won’t know what would happen then.”

Firia bitterly bits her lip.

…this girl, is she such competitive fellow?

From the time we live together thus far, I thought she was the doing at her pace type and had no attachment to competition, though.

Could it be, as an elf she has a high pride?

“Since we already have no business here, so let’s return immediately.”

“We~, we~.”


Firia suddenly starts to perform a poorly act of crying.

Sitting on the ground, she cover her eyes with her little hands.

Seeing such Firia, I think.

“…what’s up with her?”

“U, we~, we~”


Firia’s glancing a look at me from the gap of her fingers. A very hard to say mood spreads between us.

Should I say something here?

Since I’ve always lived by myself, I absolutely don’t know about what should I at this kind of situation.

When I keep standing still in silence, Firia opens her mouth.

“…Yuri-san, please console me.”

So you just want to be consoled, huh. To even performing such a poor acting.

She also has such childish side of her, isn’t she?

Firia takes a glance at my state from the gap of her fingers.

Is it just me who think that her acting is already beyond poor level?

“…well, to be honest I think that it won’t be strange even if I lose there, you know? Firia sure are amazing.”


At my word, a smile floats at Firia’s face.

She’s way too easy, isn’t she….

That’s indeed my true feeling, but on the contrary I feel a bit anxiety for her to be delighted that much.

“Well then, let’s go home, Yuri-san!”


While slightly anxiety to Firia who immediately recovered, I walk following after Firia from behind.

At that time, there’s a magical beast come out from the right side bush.

I immediately comprehend its figure.

Its appearance is just around a puppy size, but it has considerably strong forelegs.

Seems like that magical beast is aiming for Firia.



The rushing out magical beast gets a direct hit from my punch and Firia lightning magic.

And the magical beast explodes.

“…Yuri-san, can’t you use any magic with lower power than that?”

Or so Firia says while glancing at my right hand. I fully understand what Firia wants to say. Perhaps it’s something like “This way, we can’t take the raw materials.”, isn’t it?

But, I have my own reason about why I didn’t use any other magic than this one.

“Seems like I don’t have any talent other than at muscle magic, you see. I can’t even use life magic, after all.”

In short, ability-wise that’s impossible.

The only magic I can use is muscle magic.

I can’t use any magic other than it, and I also can’t see any sign I would be able to use any of them in the future.

Or rather, at the time we got some trouble previously, you even said that I have no magical energy, didn’t you?

At my word, Firia claps her hands as if recalling something.

“Ah, come to think of it, Yuri-san have no magical energy, right? …even though magic is ineffective to you, to be unable to use magic yourself is, what a great waste of talent.”

“Muscle magic is a magic, you know?”

“If it’s being recognized as a magic then the magicology would be ended, you know?”

“I see. So that means with strong muscles like mine, I even could put an end to the history of magicology, isn’t it?”

“That’s not it.”

At first there was some trouble, but with this I and Firia are able to safely finish our first job.

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