Muscle Magic – 7

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Broccoli + Kirin (giraffe) + Banana = Brokkina

Several days later.

I and Firia who are undertaking the gathering medicinal herbs request as usual, feel that the atmosphere inside the forest is a bit strange, different from usual.

“…Firia, do you feel that there’s something strange here?”

“Perhaps something happened here. I can feel a remains of magical energy with greatly different density from the other.”

Firia makes a stern expression.

Considering about it by combining her statement with the presence I feel, it seems like it’s quite a formidable fellow.

“You sure are amazing, to be able to feel the remains of magical energy.”

“Even if I look like this, I’m an elf, after all. Or rather, how could you notice this abnormality, Yuri-san?”

“Intuition. Also, if I should say it, perhaps because the smell of the forest is slightly different from usual.”

“I think you’re the one amazing, though….”

Anyhow, I think without a doubt there’s something here.

Unable to conceal my elated feeling, a smile floats at my face. I want to travel this vast world more. And then, I want to fight against many strong opponents.

But unfortunately there’s no subjugation request at E rank requests.

But, be that as it may, if I don’t undertake the request then my rank won’t raised.

The only way to solve those problems in one go is none other than my “great plan of defeating a magical beast when we were gathering medicinal herbs”.

“You sure have an amazing naming sense, aren’t you, Yuri-san?”

“Don’t peek at my mind! Good grief….”

Seems like Firia used her “Mind read” and peeked at my mind.

Nevertheless, this presence.

It isn’t a presence of a magical beast that usually lives at such a forest mean for beginner.

That means, we must defeat it by any means, don’t we?

Or rather, such a thing is unrelated, I don’t see other option but fight it.

“Walking to search for it seems like a pain, isn’t it? So let’s flying for a bit”

“Flying? Yuri-san, what are you— kyaa!”

I’m flying.

My body is gradually floating, and finally surpassing the height of trees. And then I search for the figure of this magical beast— find it.

The first one comes into my sight is its surprisingly long neck.

Looking at its body that almost equal to the trees around it, perhaps its height is not less than then meters.

Perhaps it’s trying to mimicking the trees around it, with a green colored body, its neck has a similar green color of tree leafs.

Its face is covered by a green colored shaggy fur, and there’s a yellow fruit-like thing similar like a banana atop its head.

After confirming its appearance I return to the ground.

“I found it, Firia.”

“Before that, could you please explain to me what you just did?”

“What I just did… I was flying. If you keep kicking the air before your body fallen, you could keep flying, right? Something like that.”

“I see. I understand that it won’t be any use as reference at all.”

When I tell Firia about this magical beast’s traits, Firia’s face is slightly stiffened.

“That… perhaps it’s brokkina. I’m not fully remember about it, but I think at least it is supposed to be a B rank magical beast.”

According to Firia, seems like Brokkina tend to attack by swinging its long neck.

And then, above all, it seems like it’s a strong magical beast that may endanger the balance of this forest.

“Any adventurers who come here perhaps would got instantly killed by it, right? We have no choice but to defeat it, isn’t it? Haa, such job is….”

“It seems strong, isn’t it? I’m looking forward to fight against it.”

I can feel my body and my emotion in excitement. My blood is gushing strongly, and flowing through my whole body.

Fresh, without a doubt this is a fresh feeling. Without a doubt I’m alive right now.

“Why did you say such battle junkies words?”

“Having an opponent where you can crash your power till your heart content sure makes you thrilled, isn’t it?”

“I don’t feel it at all, though….”

Seems like Firia doesn’t get the point here.

“Good grief, this is why Firia is….”

“Eh, am I the one strange here?”

Firia opens her eyes wide as if surprised.

Thinking about it logically with common sense, without a doubt the one strange here is Firia.

If she thinks about it, she should be able to understand that soon, though.

“Then, What should we do, Yuri-san? Should we make a strategy or something?”

“Hmm, let’s see…. This time I’ll show you the amazingness of my muscle magic.”

I fold over my arms.

Simultaneously, seems like can’t endure it for any longer, she opens her mouth.

“Then, it seems like this time there’s no need for me to take any action, isn’t it~? Is there anything I can help you?”

“No, no problem.”

“Then, I’ll watching you from distance. I have a considerably good eyesight, after all. Which direction is it?”

“Perhaps, around forty degree to the left.”

“I got it. I’ll wait from atop this tree.”

Saying so, Firia floats her body and then sits at a branch atop the tree.

So wind magic could also be used that way, huh. I can’t imitate it with my muscle magic, but it seems very convenient.

“Ah, I can see it. Uwah, it sure is big, isn’t it?”

“I see, then I’m going.”

“Ah, Yuri-san.”

When I’m intending to run, Firia addresses me.

“…do your best. Please don’t die on me.”

“Ou, just look at how I go rampaging there.”

I return a thumb up to Firia along with a wild animal-like smile.


◇ ◇ ◇


I run at my full speed toward where brokkina is.

I can feel its presence immediately, after I run toward that direction for a while more I finally make a contact with it.

“It sure is big, isn’t it?”

I put my impression into words.

Seems like the brokkina sense me as a threat and it start gathering magical energy at its mouth.

“Good, come at me!”

I slightly pull my right hand.

Only that. With only that the brokkina makes a behavior as if it’s flustered.

As I thought this one is strong. It has a great ability to sense danger.

I calmly looking at the magical beast before me.

To be able to understand the dreadful of my muscle magic, this fellow has quite a good eyes.


Brokkina lifts its long neck to its limit, and swings it as if a hammer.

To gauge its strength, I receive that attack upfront.


Unexpectedly it has a considerable strength. With that much strength, it seems like I need to take it seriously.

While shivering in excitement, I remove my body limiter inside my head.

Power is overflowing from the depth of my body.

Simultaneously with the transformation of my body, power is overflowing through my whole body after such a long time.

“Sorry, you damn giraffe. Seems like I can’t holding back against you.”

Brokkina is standing facing me, and firing magic from its mouth.

Since I can’t see it with my eyes, perhaps it’s a wind magic.

If I feel the air movement I might be able to evade it, but I don’t need to evade it.

I receive brokkina’s wind magic with my body.

“That was quite a good magic. If it’s not against me, it should be an useful weapon, isn’t it?”

Not getting injured at all, I grin at brokkina.

“Firia, look closely. The amazingness of muscle magic.”

Speaking by myself to Firia who should be watching from atop the tree, I put a considerable strength at my right arm.

Sensing danger from it, brokkina swing its long neck as if a pendulum and then bends it over at me, but— that’s too late already.

“Eat this.”

I swing my arm while saying so.

My punch which is swung upward doesn’t hit brokkina.

But, the punch from the me who have released my limiter has a speed exceeding the speed of sound.

And then, my punch which is swung with speed exceeding the speed of sound creates a terrific shock wave.

The shock wave is flying directly toward brokkina.

“Pan!” together with such snapped-like sound, brokkina’s body explodes.

The only remained part is its head which is rolling on the ground.

The splinters of brokkina’s body are fluttering midair as if a falling petals.

“…hmm? Did I overdo it?”

To think that even this brokkina left without almost of its figure.

To the point the only remained part is its head.

Well, it was sufficient to get a passing mark, wasn’t it?

My punch is surpassing the speed of sound. –its name is ‘Pistol punch’.

For me who don’t have any talent at any elemental magic, this magic is the only ranged magic I have.

I look at brokkina’s head near my feet.

It was an opponent that has some backbone. So that was a B rank, huh.

If that the case, perhaps an S rank is would be utterly stronger than me, isn’t it?

If that’s the case, seems like I need a more intense training, don’t I?

Finding a new objective, I return to Firia’s place with a refreshed expression.

“I’m back, Firia.”

“Welcome back~… wait doesn’t your left arm got injured! Please show it to me!”

I show my left arm as per Firia says.

My left arm is slightly swollen. Perhaps it was because that first hammer attack, wasn’t it?

As expected at my normal shape, receiving that attack heads on perhaps was a bit too rash. Deep inside my heart, perhaps I had a negligence.

I must reflect on it.

Firia lays her small hands at my swollen arm.

Before long my arm is covered by a soft white light, when the light disappears my arm return to the way it was.

“Okay. With this it has been healed.”

“Oh, thanks. You sure are amazing…. By the way, should I pay for it?”

“As expected I’m not greedy enough the even taking money from my own comrade. Since the request’s rewards are divided evenly by two, after all.”

“Firia, unexpectedly you’re quite a good fellow, aren’t you?”

“Shut up. Please shut your mouth.”

Since I expressly praise her so it would be good if she just honestly delighted, though. What a not so cute fellow.

“By the way, Yuri-san, your last attack, what was that? I felt like seeing brokkina exploded, though.”

“That technique, huh? That was pistol punch. It was amazing, right? My punch force was flying with a boom.”

When she hears it, somehow Firia makes a doubtful expression.

When I say ‘boom’ again, her expression becomes more doubtful.

“…I deeply understand that Yuri-san are an existence outside the corridor of common sense.”

“That fellow was also considerably strong, you know? Because of that my motivation was blazing.”

“Why did your motivation got elated…?”

Firia says so and sighs once.

I see, Firia didn’t fight that brokkina, after all.

“Sorry, you must be wanted to fight it too, don’t you? I’ll teach you a good way to train your muscle so please forgive me.”

“I can’t believe it that you actually say that with such serious look. As I thought you’re a muscle-brain, aren’t you?”

“Please don’t praise me like that, it embarrasses me, you know.”


We decide to return and reporting the case about brokkina to the guild. Aah~, today sure was a good day.

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