Muscle Magic – 9

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My pet is missing.

Morning for my muscle is an early one.

For me who have one hour average sleeping time, after I wake up I immediately start my muscle training.

To fill the part where I couldn’t train my muscles properly ever since I left the forest, my early morning training time is a very precious time for me.

“Good morning, Yuri-san. Fuwa~”

After several hours passed, Firia raises herself from the bed while rubbing off her eyelids.

It seems like Firia is weak at morning, when she just woke up, her way of speaking become a bit childish.

“Sup, morning.”

“What are you doing~?”

Firia looks at me with dubious expression.

“This? While standing on tiptoes with one leg, I sit at an air chair.”

I answer Firia while proudly sway my floating leg.

“Really, what are you doing?”

Her dubious expression changed into an astonished one. Personally I think I’m not doing anything strange, but it seems like it’s a strange thing for elf.

“I recommend you to train your muscle more. Want to do it together?”

“Recommend…. You’re such muscle junkies as usual, aren’t you? But I’ll refrain myself from it.”

“I see, what a shame.”

Since Firia has wake up, that means the time of my adventurer activity has started.

After grabbing our breakfast, we leave the inn and go toward the adventurer guild.


◇ ◇ ◇


Arriving at the guild, I’m intending to take the medicinal herb request as usual, and go to the quest board to pick the request paper.

But, Firia’s bell-like voice tells me to halt.

“Yuri-san, occasionally let’s take another request than gathering medicinal herbs.”

“Since you’ve listened to my usual selfishness so I don’t mind, but, why?”

“Because adventurer is a job that is useful for society!”

Firia is smiling and pointing out her thumb.

That’s indeed cute, but I won’t ever think that that’s her real reason.

“The real reason?”

“I got tired since we always fought against magical beast these past few days.”


I put my hand at my chin and think about it.

For me, I want to play with magical beast every day, but I can’t ignore my partner’s opinion.

Since if we don’t reliance at each other, we won’t become a good partner, after all.

“That’s exactly right.”

Snapping her fingers, Firia makes a wink.

“Please don’t peek at my mind.”

Firia sticks out her pink tongue, says ‘tehe’ and lightly knocks her own head.

Sly. Too sly.

But, that’s indeed right that I need to follow what Firia wants sometimes.

“Okay. Today let’s take another request than gathering medicinal herbs.”

“As expected from Yuri-san! I like person who are willing to listen to other, you know?”

“Then, which one we should take?”

“Let’s decide it together…. This is our first group work, isn’t it? Considering that, doesn’t it makes you excited?”

Firia says so with upturned eyes.

There’s no nastier person than people that aware of their own cuteness.

I avert my eyes to my own muscle so that she won’t makes a fun of me.

“I don’t understand it at all. Looking at muscles is more exciting, you know?”

“So that means I lose to muscles…!?”

The completely shocked Firia is collapsing, but that has nothing to do with me.


◇ ◇ ◇


We were pondering and keep pondering, in the end we decided to pick ‘my pet is missing’ request.

…or rather, writing it as ‘my pet is missing’ is rather strange, isn’t it?

They could just normally write ‘please search my pet’ or such, right?

After asking the place where the client is, we leave the guild and go there.

“It’s here, right?”

“Seems like it’s here, right?”

It’s just an ordinary house. I knock the door, and wait for the answer.

Before long I can hear a footstep approaching from behind the door.

“Who are you?”

“I’m Yuri. This one is Firia. We come here to take your request.”

Seeing me, the girl looks at the request application from the guild while raising her guard up.

Confirming it, the girl looks relieved and then let us come inside the house.

“Waa! What a pretty girl~!”

“Thank you~. Young Miss are also cute, right~.”

“Ehehe, is that soo~.”

Both of them seems excited about something but I can’t step into it.

After that, she never match my eyesight even once. It seems like she is scared at me.

Currently I’m at my limited mode so I should be not much different from average person, but… I see, she can feels my overflowing muscle’s atmosphere, huh?

This girl, contrary to her childish appearance, she’s quite a capable person.

“Thank you for expressly take our request.”

That girl’s mom comes. I who got bored ask her about the trait of the pet.

According to her, the pet is a dog-like magical beast called as giinu.

It was indeed a magical beast, but not just docile it also had a considerable intelligent, it seems like there were many people kept it as their pet.

Indeed, even at the town of the beginning, sometimes I noticed someone that taking along a magical beast. So that was the case huh, I solitarily consent about it.

The one we would search is a full black dog with size around forty centimeters, when she took it for walk, rain suddenly fallen and when there was a thunder sound, it was surprised and then ran away somewhere.

“Say… could it be kurosuke has fallen into sea… kurosukee.”

“Please be at ease. Since these big sister and brother will surely find it, after all.”

That girl—called as Sharon—sorrowfully asked so.

Even if it’s a magical beast, it’s still a pet, for Sharon it’s akin to a family, right?

But that was unexpectedly a simple naming, huh.

I don’t particularly understand about family, but I feel I want to find it.

Losing an existence that always together with you sure is painful, even I could understand that much.

“Madam, do you have something that has kurosuke’s smell? Like its favorite toy. If possible a dirtied one would be better.”

“If that’s the case… this bone-like stuffed toy was his favorite, since he always played with it, after all. Recently he seemed bored with it, so I don’t mind even if you do anything with it.”

I receive the stuffed toy from her mother, and press it to my nose.

“…Yuri-san, what are you doing?”

Ignoring Firia’s shrinking voice, I keep analyzing its smell.

Perfume fragrant… it’s madam’s, right?… Beast’s smell, this one, huh.

“I’ve found Kurosuke’s smell. I’ll search it inside the town immediately. Let’s go, Firia.”

“Eh, I’m going too? Aren’t I unnecessary here?”

“If you don’t go then I won’t give you the reward.”

There’s no way I’ll divide the reward when I was the one worked at it.

“Please don’t say something like that, there’s no way I’ll separate from Yuri-san, don’t I? …. Sharon-chan, please wait for a bit. We’ll return immediately, after all.”


Firia immediately switches her attitude, and waves her hand at Sharon.

What a quick change of attitude…..

“What’s the matter?’

“No, nothing.”

I answer so to Firia who is looking at me with wondering expression, and then we go to search for Kurosuke inside the town.


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