I Kinda Came to Another World – 33

Hello there!

My last day of exam would be at 13th, you see, moreover there’s two of it so I don’t think I’ll have the time to translating at that time. That’s why I advances the release schedule today, since by the pretext of exam I have no friend to play my games and I got much free time, after all.

Also, since starting next week (or perhaps one week after that), I’ll be at my long vacation (around six weeks) so just in case I think I’ll finish up the doses of my project for that amount of time. I’ll try to put out those six chapters (34~39) next week, and the next chapter (40) would be at six weeks after that.

well, something like that.

see you later ^_^

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I Kinda Came to Another World – 32

Hello there!

Sorry for the wait and here this week’s dose of IKCtAW.

Well, if there’s someone who is waiting for my other project, sorry but I’ll put it on hold for now. Since I have my exam soon, after all. Ah, by soon, I mean tomorrow.

Hmm, see you later ^_^

PS: If there’s someone who’s interested about what I found at my journey at syosetu, you can check it out at my reading list above. (there’s no much of it though)

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I Kinda Came to Another World – 31

Hello there!

Here’s this week’s dose of IKKTAW!

Well, seems like right now I have nothing to tell you about my gaming experience these past few days aside from the fact that I started playing aion with my friend on a whim. Ah, yeah, because of that my back was always writhing in pain because I’ve always played it by many hours in one go, you see (exclude Dota time). Yeah, that’s why I tried to finish this chapter so that there won’t be anything obstruct my gaming time today.

See you later ^_^

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Isekai ni Kanaderu Densetsu – 36

Hello there (again)!

Well, I indeed said that I dropped this series but somehow there was someone who donated for this series around one week ago you see, but I just checked and aware of it just now after I released the MM, though!.

Well, luckily I had translated a part of it sometime ago so I can somehow managed to finish this chapter by now.

Sorry for the wait and thanks for you support ^_^.

PS: Just what the fuck with today’s workload? I even need to sit and keep translating for around 10 hours already today (moreover almost non-stop), I can feel my back and stomach are aching by now.

Muscle Magic – 5

Hello there!

Here’s this week dose of Muscle Magic!

I immediately translate it after I released my other project so I can’t guarantee the quality (which not that good in the first place), but at least with this I should be able to play my game without any restrain so I think it’s a WIN-WIN solution.

Well, no matter what it is good night and see you later ^_^

I Kinda Came to Another World – 30

Hello there!

Sorry for the wait. I was really busy these past few days you know, like playing counter strike at day, and then dota at night. I even barely have any time to sleep nor eat. I translated a half of this chapter yesterday but I can’t bring myself to finish it at that time. So this is why we got this CHAPTER released today.

Good afternoon, and see you later ^_^