I Kinda Came to Another World – 29


Here’s my past four days diary.

After I finished translating my other project, I decided to play some of my old game like harvest moon and god of war to changed a pace. Well, that was indeed a good thing there.

And it happened two days ago, my friends came to my house! Moreover they came here while bringing virus named as counter strike. At first I played it just for a formality, but gradually because we were too engrossed in it, we played it till late night.

The next day (yesterday), because he slept over my place so we played the game again, from morning till noon, and then after noon till evening. After then we played another game till night (this time it was just around 11 PM).

And today, my head was so dizzy when I woke up (3 AM). That sure was a hell, I immediately drink some waters and went outside there, and yeah somehow that made my head a tad better.

And yeah, at 4 AM, I brazenly started to translate this chapter. with just 11 word page worth (around the same as usual chapter with 2000 words), I assumed that I would be able to finish it by morning, but somehow this chapter was shittily longer than usual with 3000 words. There were even many more difficult kanji usual, I even already troubled by the very first word. But well, helly yeaH i was able to finish it. I hope my share of headache would transmitted to you who read the chapter HERE!

But the GOOD thing is, we got a hero or perhaps protagonist like story here, so yeah, it was worth doing.


See you later!!!!

Muscle Magic – 2

Hello there!

Here’s the second chapter for this series. well, if there’s someone who’s also following my other project then perhaps they would say that I should put a bit more effort at that project, but, well, anyone need something to change a pace so I hope you could understand that. (But I won’t make any consecutive release, though)

Well, either way, as always you could read the chapter HERE!

See you again ^_^

Muscle Magic – 1

Hello there!

This is one of the result of my recent journey through syosetu, I’m somewhat interested by the story (just read till the third chapter), and so I want to share it to you.

Well, as always you could read the chapter HERE!

PS: for anyone who never visit this site before, let me give you a warn first, I’m not a native neither english nor japanese, so I’m quite confident that there would be many mistakes at my translation, whether it typos, grammars or the translation itself.

Thanks you and see you again ^_^

I Kinda Came to Another World – 27

Hello there!

Sorry for the wait (If there’s anyone did). well, before i present you the chapter here is my diary about what happened before I finished this chapter:

Before X-6: Lazing around, reading manga or novel, watching anime, playing game.

X-6: my PC was attacked by malware. I spent almost my day to temper with my PC’s program and the like, well you could say that it was a success since the malware was gone, but in exchange seems like there was something corrupted since I couldn’t open my start menu.

X-5: I thought that it was a hassle to so I decided to do partial reinstall my windows, and then yeah, indeed I was able to open my start menu again and all of my regular software were working perfectly, but in exchange seems like my admin account it somehow corrupted. It affect every action which needed admin permission. for example, I need around on hour delay just to open a task manager, what a waste of time.

X-4: I decided to downgrade my PC. Well indeed I was able to downgrade my PC into W8, i thought that from there i would just need to reupgrade it to windows10 again, but then I heard from friend that free upgrade period has been closed. And yeah, fortunately google show me a way, after I download the windows10 iso file, then installed it, and then sign in with my account, seems like I don’t need to buy the serial number.

X-3: I reinstall all of my past software, daily application, game, antivirus and the like.

X-2: I started translating this chapter.

X-1 : Finishing the translation (around 30% left).

X-0: I did some last check and little edit here and there so that (I think) it was quite readable, and then released it so that you could read it HERE.

well, that’s my dairy (excuse perhaps) about this chapter, thank for anyone who’s read this rant till the bitter end. Then if you thought, don’t I have anything worthwhile to do? Of course sometimes I do, since going to campus was also my daily activity after all.

Ah, this chapter also accidentally has 3600 words, almost 75% longer than the usual chapter.

PS area:

  1. As a regular reminder, you could find the donation button at the right  panel for PC user, and bottom panel from phone user.
  2. About Rishe’s name, seems like I’ve made a mistake here (most certainly). well, her nickname is indeed Rishe, but seems like her given name is トリシェ (To-ri-shi-e), but I’ll translate it as Trisha, since calling her Rishe when her real name is Trishe is somehow feel, like, umm, itchy perhaps? since you just removing the ‘T’ here after all. That’s why I picked Trisha instead.
  3. There are many difficult word at this chapter, and the most prominent one is the one around martial art world, since I’m not a martial artist after all. so if you could give me a better name then please do so, of course it should also quite suitable with its style description.

剣武式 : I translated it as Martial sword style.

水明式 : I translated it as Shining water style. Well, since Jphase and Mecab read it differently, so I’ve been pondering about how I should translate, interpret and combine it.

流鏡式 : I translated it as Flowing mirror style. well, it was also quite similar case with the one above.

See you again ^_^

I Kinda Came to Another World – 26

Hello there!!

Many things heppened these past days you see, so I didn’t have much times to translating. Moreover these past two days, I was too hooked on watching ‘bakuman’ till I forgot that I was actually had made the preparation to continue translating already.

But, hell yeah, someohow I was able to recover my mind and soul aroud five hours ago and so I was able to finish this chapter by now, well since this time there were many hard to dechiper sentences so I’m quite sure that this chapter would be much more gibberish than my usual. Sorry for the inconvenience (as always though)

Well, either way, as always you could read the chapter here.

See you sometime later ^_^


  1. As an usual reminder, the donate button should be around the right panel (PC verson) or at the bottom page (phone version).
  2. I think I’m going to make some adjustment, or perhaps alteration(?) about some past stated thing. Such as, like the most prominent one is ‘Eerie Constitution’ skill’s name, well I know that it’s the literal translation but somehow I want try to search for some more ‘appropriate’ name according to its description and effect (if there is, of course).

I Kinda Came to Another World – 25

Hello there.

It’s my first release at this new site. well, there’s still many things i need to adjust here first but I hope I could back in track soon.

Also including the previous chapter (the interlude), we finally started the third chapter (arc).

Well anyway, as always you can read the chapter here.

TL note: Before you read the chapter, there’s something I need to tell you. It’s about three word which contained at this chapter. That is:

-Quarreling 揉めて (Mome)

-Arguing 揉んで (Monde)

-Contenting 揉み (Momi)

These three have a quite similar mean, that is something along ‘dispute’, the one I want to tell you the most it the third one. I translated it as ‘contenting’ but, it should be a word which has a mean of dispute but also has a mean of ‘touching body’. Well, if you have a more suitable word then feel free to tell me.

Just another reminder, you can donate by following the donation button somewhere at this page. perhaps it’s there—->>

Or perhaps down there….

Ah, right, I think there won’t be any scheduled release anymore, since releasing it freely is more confortable for me.

See you later (^o^)/

I Kinda Came to Another World – 24

Hello there!

Seem like quite a time has passed since my last release right. Well, actually I’ve finished translating this chapter since yesterday but somehow after that I have no motivation to touch my PC, let alone editing nor releasing it. So yeah here’s what we got.

Well, either way as always you could read the chapter here ^o^.

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I Kinda Came to Another World – 23

Hello there, sorry for the delay.

Hmmm,well, many things happened at these days and somehow i was engrossed at reading manga, so yeah it’s alreay sunday without me notice it.

Well, either way as always you could read the chapter here. ^_^


PS: Hmmm, welll, it isn’t something that important (as always) but somehow for next two weeks I’m going to take a mid term exam so, yeah, i believe you should be understand where it goes… either way, see you later.