I kinda Came to Another World – 20

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Too immersed at reading novel, i stayed overnight without i even notice it. Morning came and then I went to attend my class. After that I intended to back home and immediately sleep but, somehow I remember that today is friday so yeah I put a bit gas at my furnace. So yeah, that’s why my spirit is at sky high even when my eyelid felt so damn heavy. Perhaps is it the feeling when someone gone drunk?

well, anyways somehow i was able to finish this chapter by now so without further ado here’s the chapter for you who have the guts to read it.

I’m going to start my journey to dreamland to replenish my life force.

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Magi’s Grandson – 47

Hell yeah! Hello eveyone, since at my journey I could only catch some shitty pokemon so here I am, sticking my ass translating some random stuff.

And when I checked Japtem just now, it seems cat is at recovering phase so perhaps it would become my last chapter for MG.


Remember the warning I’ve told you two weeks ago!!

Then, if you still want to read the chapter then as always you could find it HERE!!

PS: Sigh, I’m going to do some journey and search for some leftover…. again….


I Kinda Came To Another World – 19

Well, I just lazily edit it so it might much more hirrible than usual.

anyway, as usual you could read the chapter here.

PS: Since there was barely any update from my reading list, my motivation finally reached rock bottom, so yeah, there may be a considerable time needed till the next release.

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Magi’s grandson – 46



Please note that I’m not a native english nor japanesse, so that there must be many mistake at my translation. It’s just mean for a fast read, if you want some quality read then please wait for it’s original translator.


Well, let’s just call it as a filler since I’ll just do it in cat’s absence.


There won’t be any fast release, and the quality won’t be any much different even if it take a longer time either.


Hmm, maybe something like that, if you still want to read it the feel free to find it here.

PS: If there’s anyone of you who follow my other project, the update will be commmutative (one by one). So you must be know which one is next, but we won’t know when.

Edit: Sorry, I forgot to tell you that at this chapter, the monologues were consisted by some different pov, there were 3rd person for a regular monologue and a random man’s inner thought.

I Kinda Came to Another World – 18

Hello there.

For now I’ll try to stick with this till I find some interesting leftover and easy to translate (again).

Well either way, as always feel free to read the chapter directly or take 5s detour there.

P.S: My ‘real class’ started this week so yeah, started from this week onward the release would be kinda slower than the past weeks. Well, I’ll try to release 1 ~ 3 chapters a week (based on situation) though.

And, as for the page’s title (link), I’ll use the japannesse since it would become ‘isekai blablabla’ similar like my first project.

Isekai ni Kanaderu Densetus – 35

Hello there! The world sure nice!

As I had said it sometimes ago about my next target, the result become like this:

-Isekai mahou wa okureteru : Seems the translator are still alive

-Sayonara Ryuusei konnichiwa jinsei : I’ve compareed binhjamin translation (LN) and the WN version, and it seems there were quite a distant different there, so yeah I won’t touch it since i don’t have the LN.

-Shinwa densetus no eiyuu : Someone had picked it up!

-we live in dragon peak : No comment.

and yeah, on my journey, i found something that interest me but, the author’s writing style was too much for me, so i gave up on it (it’s titled “Kuitsume Youhei no gensou kitan”, so i’ll be glad if there issomeone that may translate it.) And then, somehow i stumbled (again) with a certain title (at yoraikun’s web) which i had read it a long time ago so yeah, i think I’ll try to stick with that, for now. Ah just FYI it was titled as “I kinda come to another world….” though.

well, without further ado, as always you could read the chapter directly or take 5s detour there.


1. since i almost reached my $19 quota, so i might removed the seal of the direct link by the next release.

2. For our health sake, I might make this chapter as the last for this series. I’ll give you a brief spoiler about its next chapter if curious why : 36. Talk with guildmaster… 37. about his new ability + mufufu cliff… 38. Just another daily + story cliff.

Isekai ni Kanaderu Densetsu – 32

Hmm, about my next target, the main problem isn’t the story and the like since as I’ve said that i interested in all of them. The main problem is their translator, since they said they still wanted to translate it but as you also could see there was no update even till today (at least one month has ellapsed). And I didn’t want that as soon as I start to translate it, then the (current) translator may suddenly released their chapter and blablaba so, yeah, it’s so contemplating.

well, either way as always you could read the chapter directly or take 5s detour.

Isekai ni Kanaderu Densetsu – 31

Currently I’m still contemplating about which story should I choose for my next ‘target’.

There are some (leftover) title that pique my interest such as:

-Isekai mahou wa okureteru

-Sayonara ryuusei konnichiwa Jinsei

-Shinwa densetsu no eiyuu

-We live in dragon peak

It’s just the current translator are still quite vague about their activity, whether they would continue to translate it or not. Well, since I’ll take the final decision by 35th chapter so it would be great if the translator (or someone) may translate it again so i could just sit peacefully here.

Well, either way as always you could read the chapter directly or take 5s detour.