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This page is dedicated to listing any novels I currently read (possible upcoming project) aside from the one at novelupdates.

  • Currently read / following:

1- The protagonist is a loner but he is the strongest, isn’t he?

[From I’ve read] This is the story of a strongest adventurer(?) who was ordered to attend a certain school by the guild master, with condition he must hide his true identity. Well, that far you might think that it was already a regular pattern, but there were many irregularity here, like how the yaoi viruses spread here, like how the MC was actually appointed by the other chara as a side chara (mob) and how infamous he become. Well, something like that, if you ever read ‘the spear user who can’t become the MC’, this series use the same concept, but it has a better story and development (at least for me).

The minus part is how long the chapter are, since once chapter would be two or three folds my regular chapter. I even need two hours over just to read one chapter of it (at raw). And there were some chara who would fed you up at first, but by time your opinion would be eventually changed about them.

2- King of Mercenaries

[From what I’ve read] It has the ‘seven’ vibe with mercenary as the theme, well, currently there are only around 16 chapters presented so I still can’t say how well it could be.


  • On waiting list:

1- Additional Hero

[From the summary] At first the world had a demon lord and a hero already, but suddenly a new demon lord appeared, and since the hero was already had his hand full to handle the first demon lord so it can’t be helped that there should be a new hero. But the one who had the zeal of a hero was a youth without any ability nor popularity.


–I’ve search through syosetu again for sometimes but, yeah, all I found were cheat-cheat-cheat, harem-harem-harem, danjon-danjon-danjon, peerless-peerless-peerless… such thing which I already bored about so there was nothing I wanted to read yet again thus far.


  • Read but wasn’t into my liking:

1- The female knight who came to my house is before I noticed it has been recognized as my wife.

[From the summary] It was a story about a female knight (from another world) who accidentally came to the MC’s house. At first he only intended letting her stayed at his house for one night, but…

[From some chapters I’ve read] It was mainly about daily life of a farmers and (country bumpkin-like) otherworlder. Well, story-wise perhaps it would be quite close to ‘seuiun wo kakero’ with farmer and a bit modern theme. If you like such story then perhaps this series would be into your liking, too.

  • Élie Sancturillore Simard-Wall

    Oh, these series seem quite interesting. The one among them that I feel the most interested about is “The female knight who came to my house is before I noticed it has been recognized as my wife.”

    Do you think you could try translating it at some point? I’d greatly appreciate it even if you only did a teaser, since that way, it might bring the interest of others who could translate it. (Kinda like what Oniichanyamate does in his/her blog, translating the beginning of several series he/she likes to bring up the interest in those series, after which they get picked up by other translators.)

    • windranger5

      i second that