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Hello there,
Thank you for visiting this web and even considering to support me.
well, If you want to give some donations to this site then feel free to follow this link below (or at patreon).

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PS: If you want an instant release then using paypal donation would be the wise choice. But if you want to accumulate your support and the other, then using patreon would be the wisest choice. The algorithm would be like this:

Paypal: money received -> chapter out.

Patreon: money accumulated -> received it at the beginning of the month -> chapter out one by one till the total (value) reached the amount of the received money.

Well, it should be easier to be understood when it actually put into practice.

PS: If you have some JAPANESE WN which you want to be translated and not one of my project, I might willing to translate it through money force. The conditions are quite simple:

  1. It should be an abandoned or dropped or hiatus series (from its current translator).
  2. The coefficient would be the same as usual with around 100 words (of its english) per 1$ (well, it’ll be adjusted according to the situation). /E.g. 5k english words = $50/
  3. If there’s nothing happen, the time limit for the translation should be around a week since the request (condition for me).
  4. I can’t do the impossible so the quality should be around my current translation.

well, something like that. if you’re interested in it then you could mail me or order it direct through the first paypal button up there (for AbsurdTL) and fill the ‘about’ column with the detail of the order (what title, which chapter) and it’s up to you whether you want it to be released at site or to be mailed to you. well, I’ll prefer the email route since it would be easier to discuss the detail, though.

  • I barely ever use my email so, if there’s anything you need feel free to say it here.

    • lightnovelsworlds

      I was wondering if you would be willing to join and take this translation over my site…
      It got its benefits… If you interested, then mail me an IM watsapp, fb, skype, anything will do 🙂

      • Hmm, sorry but, I think no, since I’m a wandering soul type so I prefer to do everything on my own pace and style.

  • Hmm, well I appreciate your sentiment but i afraid the answer it still no, I’ve said it but well to put it bluntly I’m not that interested to work for or with someone (yet), moreover in online world. And well, I thought there should be already someone who translate it at your site though?

    • lightnovelsworlds

      Wasnt happy with the transalator’s quality… readers were complaining about the first translated one… Was too much like machine.. So discontinued… But that single chapter still remains the most visited link on the site…

      • hmm, sorry but i think i can’t be any help for it. Maybe you should let one of your project to take this one.
        As for me, actually after I compare it, it seems the novel was way too longer than the WN. I usually translates novels with around 10 pages each chapter, as for it, it might be around 20 pages or over, so yeah it might take too much time since I’m also thinking to take another title myself.